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Agricultural Resource Management: Equipment Rental

The Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District has several pieces of equipment avaiable to rent for landowners in Dakota County.

No-Till Drill

The Truax no-till drill is available for rent to establish native prairie, pasture, alfalfa, and/or clover directly into soybean stubble, corn stubble, or unplowed pastures and hayfields. Special disks on the drill allow it to plant seed into harvested crop fields, depleted pastures, or cut hayfields without plowing them first. The drill has three separate seed boxes that allow it to plant different types of seed at varying rates at the same time. Rent is $15 per acre, plus a $100 setup charge. Rent includes delivery to and from your site. The planting width of the drill is 10.5 feet, with 7 inches between each planting row. A tractor with at least 45 horsepower and two hydraulic couplers in the back is required to pull the drill.


The crimper is used to reduce erosion potential by anchoring straw into exposed soils. Straw is spread over the area and grass seed is planted beneath the straw. The crimper has sharp disks that roll over the straw, cut it into the soil and stand it straight up to keep the soil in place until the grass seed emerges and stabilizes the area. The crimper can be pulled using the hitch behind a tractor with at least 18 horsepower. There is no charge for the crimper if it is being used as part of an erosion control practice.