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Water Quality Monitoring

Monitoring Reports

2019  2019 Monitoring Report - North Cannon River Watershed  
2018  2018 Monitoring Report - North Cannon River Watershed  
2017  Mid-Year  |  Annual  |  Trout Brook Nitrate Summary  
2016  |  Mid-Year  |  Annual  
2015  Annual  
2014  |  Mid-Year  |  Annual  |  Trout Brook Nitrate Summary  
2013  |  Mid-Year  |  Annual  
2012  |  Mid-Year  |  Annual  
2011  |  Mid-Year  |  Annual  
2010  |  Mid-Year  |  Annual  
2009  |  Mid-Year  |  Annual  
2008  |  Mid-Year  |  Annual  

Citizen Stream Monitoring Program

The North Cannon River Watershed Management Organization (NCRWMO) is seeking citizen water monitors to help collect water quality information within the Chub Creek, Pine Creek, and Trout Brook watersheds that drain into the Cannon River.

Citizen monitors will be asked to visit their stream monitoring site once per week to monitor water transparency (using a Secchi tube), as well as water level and the general appearance of the stream (water color and recreational suitability). The monitoring data collected by the volunteers is submitted to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and will be used to supplement other water quality monitoring efforts taking place throughout the watershed.

For more information about how you can become involved with the Citizen Stream Monitoring Program with the NCRWMO, please contact Lindsey Albright, Water Resources Specialist with Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District at or 651-480-7783.